GFR11 | Meet the designers – Lyra Blackthorne and Persia Christensen, creators of Body Doubles

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When did you join SL and why?
Persia Christensen: For me, in 2005 I originally joined SL to participate in roleplay with friends who were already here but found the design and creation aspect of Second Life® to be much more rewarding.
Lyra Blackthorne: I joined in 2006 just out of curiosity and then stayed because I met Persia and we began the ongoing challenge of creating and growing a Second Life business.

How did you get into content creation for SL residents?
Persia Christensen: How I got into designing shapes was when I couldn’t find modifiable shapes that were to my liking so I began making celebrity shapes that were modifiable. I started with one skin (by Naughty Designs) and each time two shapes would sell, I’d invest in a new skin and make a new shape with that skin. It grew from there!
Lyra Blackthorne: I met Persia who had been selling tattoos I just loved. She had decided to start making shapes and gave me her first one, Angelia Jolie. I was still pretty much a noob with an old CS passport skin and ugly prim hair. That was the beginning of our friendship and then partnership.

How would you describe your shop?
Persia Christensen and Lyra Blackthorne: With our shop we found our niche within the shape category, celebrity doubles, although we have expanded to add a line of shapes that work with specific skin designers and also some fantasy and roleplay type shapes. Our clients don’t just get a “shape”… we provide directions for a complete look with detailed styling information. We were the first in Second Life to offer styling cards back in 2006 and have continued that extra value to our clients along with moderate prices. We love working with new players and want to be affordable for all of SL.

Front Row is an event supporting Relay For Life® of SL. Why does it matter for you to participate?
Persia Christensen: This event, Front Row supports Relay For Life® of SL and it’s important for me because cancer has always mattered to me, but never more so than in the past year when my little sister (only 45) was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. Now it’s personal, and I want to fight back and do everything I can to raise awareness and give hope to those battling cancer.
Lyra Blackthorne: For me being involved matters because cancer is an insidious and wide-spread disease. I have had family members who have fought the disease, and won, and a couple who fought and lost.

What would you like to say to those who are discovering you through this interview?
Persia Christensen: What would I say to the readers of this interview? Regardless of your age, exercise and eat properly and get regular physical check-ups, mammograms, and a colonoscopy. It could save your life. After that little mini-lecture, I’d encourage them to come shop at Body Doubles!
Lyra Blackthorne: To the readers out there. if they are discovering me personally lol, there is not much to say… I am pretty much the same in both worlds, straight forward and trying to leave a positive footprint in both my lives. If it is discovering Body Doubles, then I would say our shop tries hard to bring today’s product quality to the table but with the values of old SL. We do our best to help the nooblettes and we love to meet and chat with our customers. Our business and its customers are our joy; I don’t know where all the cranky people in SL came from over the last few years, but we try to stay on the happy side of Second Life.

Why do people wear those AO’s that make them twirl and twist and bend over and fidgit endlessly?
Persia Christensen: I don’t know, but they make me nervous.
Lyra Blackthorne: Ditto… and what’s up with those smile attachments that make people look like they are ready to bite you! Ewwww!

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GLANCE “Front Row” is a month-long charity event, raising L$ for Relay For Life® of Second Life®. It is planned by GLANCE International Agency. The funds are raised through the registered team #40 “GLANCE Runway For Life” throughout April 2011. Discover the 50 charitable designers who donated their time and work to the project, the 100 unreleased creations benefiting 100% Relay For Life® and details of the the 10,000L$ photo contest on the official website of the event:

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