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When did you join SL and why?
I joined SL in 2007. I’m a graphic designer in real life and I think there is a lot of opportunity in expressing one’s fashion visions. The idea of designing in Second Life® attracted me.
I was told there might be opportunities to be found on here for building and designing. We can dream of different styles; diversity is the best thing I think in the fashion industry and I think that’s a wonderful opportunity.

How did you get into content creation for SL residents?
Well I love fashion and I love to shop! I always get excited in expressing my vision of fashion and seeing people wearing my creations. Coming in SL to work on my fashion designs brings me a feeling of joy. I also hope to contribute through my designs in making this virtual world better. I love the freedom of SL which allows me to express myself in my designs. People often say there aren’t enough hours in a day to work on all the projects but I always keep on going.

How would you describe your shop?
One word… PERSONALITY. It’s all about enhancing who you are by being unique and dressing up according to what suits you. It’s far more about style than fashion, it’s VERO MODERO.

Front Row is an event supporting Relay For Life® of SL. Why does it matter for you to participate?
I like to join events organized by people who try to help other people, who put all their hard work to ensure that it goes well and has an outcome that benefits those involved. If it’s a charity, I look for the ones that are legitimate and support a real life organization and proves that the proceeds will go to those organizations.

What would you like to say to those who are discovering you through this interview?
I think everybody – everything in the world seeks attention. Clothes for me are a way of communicating with my surrounding. My designs are casual, practical and comfortable with some urban sophistication. They are made for stylish men and women. I really appreciate working on the silhouette and creating pieces that conceal imperfections of the figure. My clothes are very dynamic.
The personality of my designs constantly grows with my style. High-value, handmade and unique textures as well as unconventional cuts compound subtle feminity with simplicity, that is the description of a typical VERO MODERO creation.

Being Turkish, how did your cultural background influence your designs?
Since I worked in the real life fashion industry, it helped me tremendously in achieving the level of competence I am always looking to achieve. Now I feel very confident, I can do what I want to do and it is a more comfortable position with minimum doubt… Well, there are some doubts that remain but they are more calculated risks!

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GLANCE “Front Row” is a month-long charity event, raising L$ for Relay For Life® of Second Life®. It is planned by GLANCE International Agency. The funds are raised through the registered team #40 “GLANCE Runway For Life” throughout April 2011. Discover the 50 charitable designers who donated their time and work to the project, the 100 unreleased creations benefiting 100% Relay For Life® and details of the the 10,000L$ photo contest on the official website of the event:

About Relay For Life® of Second Life®:

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